Power Systems

Current Research Projects


For the ARPA-E GENSETS program, we are providing a robust, scalable, and fuel flexible burner and heat exchanger system for state-of-the-art microturbine and Stirling engine power generation systems. The team at LBNL will leverage its low-swirl burner technology developed for a gas turbine engine and adapt it for use with a Stirling engine heater head. This engine heater head will provide ultra-low emissions while improving heat transfer efficiency to the working fluid of the engine.


Past Research Projects

Advanced combustion technology for transportation refrigeration units

Funded by LBNL, this research project applied advanced combustion technology, homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), to improve the efficiency and drastically reduce the pollutant emissions from the small engines used in hundreds of thousands of Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRUs) found in population centers worldwide. This project aimed to advance combustion science by quantifying engine particle size distributions and black carbon pre- and post engine HCCI conversion. The success of this project will result in 1) a small-scale engine R&D facility; 2) a proof-of-concept, low emission, cost-effective retrofit for transportation refrigration unit engines; and 3) a foundation for developing advanced small-scale engine technologies for other applications in installed and portable power generation and advanced biofuel applications.