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Prakash RaoImproving Industrial Energy and Water Efficiency

Prakash Rao works to improve industrial energy and water efficiency across the US manufacturing sector by:

- Analyzing sector and company specific energy efficiency improvement potential
- Establishing of voluntary programs to reduce industrial energy and water consumption
- Developing energy management strategies for manufacturers
- Developing software tools and publications to promote energy efficiency

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Industrial Energy Performance and Management
Responsible Energy Efficiency and Generation Technologies

Peter Therkelsen researches:

- Barriers to implementing industrial energy efficiency measures
- Implementing energy management systems
- U.S. delegate to International Standards Organization meetings for energy management and savings
- Data-driven analysis of energy management systems focusing on costs and benefits of certification to the U.S. Department of Energy Superior Energy Performance program
- Developmemt of high efficiency, fuel flexible and low emission installed and portable heat and power systems.

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Paul SheafferCommercial and industrial energy efficiency
Motor-driven, steam and process heating systems
Distributed generation; Standards development

Paul Sheaffer manages:

- Large projects in industrial and building sector energy efficiency
- Cross-cutting technologies including motors, drives, pump, compressed air, fan, steam, and process heating systems
- Sector-specific systems and technologies
- Tools, technical publications, training, standards, projects, certification programs
- Efficiency assessments related to industrial and building systems efficiency and distributed generation.

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