Energy Management

Energy Management
We are internationally recognized experts in the field of industrial energy management. We develop standards, programs, workforce qualifications and implementation models for energy management business practices, especially ISO 50001 standard and Superior Energy Performance™.

Featured Topics

  • ISO 50001
    • We foster development of the ISO 50001-Energy management system standard
  • California Statewide Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (2008, 2014)
    • On Sept. 18, 2008, the CPUC adopted California’s first Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, presenting a single roadmap to achieve maximum energy savings across all major groups and sectors in California. The Strategic Plan was subsequently updated in 2014.
  • ISO Strategic Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    • Providing organizations with an internationally recognized framework for implementing an energy management system, addressing energy use and consumption; measurement, documentation and reporting of energy use and consumption; design and procurement practices; and variables affecting energy performance.
  • DOE Better Buildings, Better Plants
    • The Better Buildings Initiative aims to make commercial and industrial buildings, and multifamily housing, 20% more energy efficient by 2020


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