Peter Therkelsen

Peter Therkelsen

Mechanical Research Scientist/Engineer
(510) 486-5645


Dr. Peter Therkelsen is the Deputy of the Building and Industrial Applications Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research focuses on industrial energy management business practices and policies as well as the development and deployment of responsible heat and power technologies. In this role he actively studies barriers to the implementation of industrial energy efficiency measures, supports the implementation of energy management systems in the United States, and serves as a delegate of the United States at International Standards Organization meetings for energy management and savings. In addition, Dr. Therkelsen studies and develops high efficiency, fuel flexible, and low emission installed and portable heat and power systems.


Spot: Industrial Technology Validation Team -  August 18th 2021

For development and execution of the Industrial Technology Validation program for DOE's Advanced Manufacturing Office.



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2017 Director’s Awards for Exceptional Achievement: Societal Impact -  April 03rd 2018

For research of barriers limiting adoption of ISO 50001 energy management business practices and development of the ISO 50001 energy and CO2 impacts methodology, which resulted in national and corporate commitments at Clean Energy Ministerial meetings and national efficiency programs.